Video – Forestal oversight indigenous committees

The forestal committees are technical instances within the indigenous organizations and native communities, led by their community members, who advise on the comprehensive management of communal territories and forests. They were created by the indigenous peoples themselves with the aim of maintaining survival in their territories.

Forestry Competitiveness in Peru

The forestry sector in Peru has important challenges and opportunities to consolidate as a sustainable industry that contributes more and more to the country’s economy and generates benefits. Learn about the potential of our forests and the efforts made by different sectors to achieve forestry competitiveness.

A new pact for legal timber in Colombia: The new phase of the Intersectoral Pact for Legal Timber (PIMLC) is signed

The Intersectoral Pact for Legal Timber in Colombia (PIMLC) is one of the most recognized forest governance initiatives in Latin America and now, after twelve years of existence, it is renewed to continue building the legal and sustainable timber market in the country. In December 2021, the new phase of the PIMLC was built. We remind you to learn about this initiative and its importance for the country’s forestry sector.