State Actors and Civil Society Organizations dialogued about Illicit timber trafficking in Bolivia

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First national meeting of forest oversight, control and indigenous surveillance
The purpose of this activity was to present the progress and generate recommendations regarding forest oversight, control and surveillance, as well as the implementation of the Indigenous Forest Agenda in the Peruvian Amazon. The call to declare the indigenous forests in emergency was one of the conclusions of the minutes signed by the indigenous leaders and technical teams of the regional indigenous organizations who participated on 18 and 19 May.
The Intersectoral Pact for Legal Timber was present at the Interzum Bogota fair
From 10 to 13 May, Colombians were able to learn more about the legal timber trade in the country and have a closer relationship with the companies and community initiatives that extract and process timber of legal origin. In this space, the publication of the second phase of the Pact was launched, announcing the commitments and the route of action in which it seeks to strengthen efforts to promote that the timber extracted, transported, marketed, and used comes exclusively from legal sources.

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