Regional systematization of EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade Actions and related initiatives: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

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Summary of multi-lingual multi-platform investigations of online trade in jaguar parts
This study conducted by WCS on 31 open-access online platforms, in 7 languages, detected 230 publications with possible jaguar parts for sale. The fangs and the skins are the constituent elements most detected. This represents an emerging and serious threat to jaguar populations throughout the range of this Latin America wildlife icon.
Contribution of the Forest Sector, challenges, proposals, actions with results: Consolidated Report of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, four countries of the Amazon basin, made national reports where they recorded their main findings, recommendations, lessons learned, and reflections about the challenge to reduce timber trafficking in the region and promote the trade of legal timber.

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