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On November 29th, the regional webinar " Illegal trade on the Internet: a new threat to the jaguar and the cultural identity of the Andean-Amazon countries" was held with the aim of making visible the importance of the jaguar in the face of the growing threat of online trafficking it faces, which affects the survival of the species and its representation in the cultural identity of the Andean-Amazon countries.
Great Assembly of the Tacana People addressed the problem of illegal wildlife trade
The Tacana people reaffirmed their commitment to control, oversee and monitor the illegal wildlife trade during the XI Great Assembly of the Indigenous Council (CIPTA) held in the community of San Miguel del Bala. During the Assembly, additional measures to combat this illegal activity were discussed, such as the denunciation of all illegal wildlife captures, hunting, mistreatment, or sale of wild animals or their parts in the Tacana territory and its surrounding areas, particularly the jaguar; to which are added communication and education actions and collaboration with state and civil entities.

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