Presentation of the Podcast “Beats of the Forest”
On July 6, a webinar was held for the presentation of the Podcast "Beats of the Forests" organized by the National Forestry and Wildlife Service of MINAGRI together with WWF Peru within the framework of the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests. This event shared about the importance of podcasts as a tool to raise awareness about forest conservation and also included the participation of the protagonists of the stories of the second season.
As an advance in the control and prevention of illegal flora trafficking, Xilotron is a technological tool for rapid identification of timber, which detects the type of species it is and thus helps determine if its origin is legal. This tool was unveiled at the II High-Level Conference of the Americas on Illegal Wildlife Trade.
Wildlife Conservation Society held on the webinar "Combating illegal wildlife trade, a strategy for its conservation in the Andean-Amazonian countries" to highlight the importance of wildlife for the health of ecosystems, reference the actions in the Andean-Amazonian countries, in which there is a great wealth of biodiversity, but which also face threats such as the illegal wildlife trade.
The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERU), The Exporters Association of Peru (ADEX), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), within the framework of the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests, financed by the European Union, invites you to see the "Forum: Timber and finishes to get sustainability in construction".
Training for local communicators in Bolivia
Within the framework of the Alliance for Wildlife and Forests, training was carried out for local communicators to create a network of local communicators from communities that are from municipalities linked by protected areas, to develop campaigns and disseminate information on the prevention of trafficking of wildlife and timber in their media.
The route towards the competitiveness of the forestry sector
This forum allows to make visible the efforts of the Regional Government of Ucayali in Peru, to achieve the competitiveness of the forestry sector with a sustainable approach.
Webinars “We restore, we preserve, we connect”
For World Environment Day, a series of webinars were held to make visible regional initiatives that favor the conservation of biodiversity and the recovery of degraded ecosystems and from various areas of action, inspiring positive change.