The second season of “Beats of the Forest” was created, the first podcast produced by the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) with WWF-Peru. People will learn to become informed citizens committed to the responsible consumption of timber. The nine episodes recount the step-by-step, from the moment a tree is extracted from the forest, until it is finally commercialized and reaches homes converted into furniture, floors, etc.
Choose native woods and live in harmony with the forest
This campaign raises awareness among the general public about the positive impact they can have on the forests of the Peruvian Amazon by choosing native Amazonian timber. Through the dissemination of 15 infographics created in conjunction with CITEForestal.
Your house’s not my habitat
Is a campaign with civil society to discourage the purchase and sale of wildlife during the Christmas season, which turns them into gift objects and pets. Consisted of the dissemination of stories of animals treated as pets suffering physical and behavioral consequences. This campaign is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society Ecuador, within the framework of the Alliance of Wildlife and Forests.
International Jaguar Day
To put the issue of jaguar trafficking in the social and daily debate through messages that highlight its ecological, cultural, and conservation value, and at the same time, make visible the threats it faces, this campaign was developed through influencers in social networks.
Trafficking is everywhere
Trafficking is not only in the seizures made by the authorities at customs. Trafficking live among us. It is in the parrot or turtle we have as a pet, it is in the bushmeat that is irregularly sold in the markets, and it is in the feathers, teeth, or shells that are part of the souvenirs that we buy on our trips. Trafficking is everywhere! This campaign is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society Peru, within the framework of the Alliance of Wildlife and Forests.
A collaboration between the National Forest and Wildlife Service of Peru (SERFOR) and WWF within the framework of the Fauna and Forests Alliance was held from November 27 to April 27, 2022. It talks about the forest, and the benefits it provides us, and as the episodes pass we will talk more in-depth about the wood and the whole process of its traceability.
Vulnerable species to trafficking: social media campaign for the protection of the jaguar
This digital campaign aimed to raise awareness about the important role that the jaguar plays in protecting the habitats where it lives, its cultural value, as well as the impact of the threats it faces in Bolivia, including the trafficking of its parts such as claws and fangs. Campaing implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society in Bolivia.
Haikus contra el tráfico de vida silvestre
This campaign has been developed to raise awareness about this threat that puts the mega-diversity of Bolivia at risk. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry often inspired by biodiversity, so through this popular poetic genre, we sought to raise awareness and call out the growing illegal trade.
Within the framework of the Jaguar International Day, this campaign on social networks uses a play on words and phonetics in English to ask the jaguar how it is doing, giving space to a series of data on this species, its main threats, and information on the efforts that are being done to protect it in the region.
Más Vida Menos Tráfico
This digital campaign sought to inform civil society about the threats to which wildlife who are victims of illegal trade and poaching are subjected, as well as to promote their involvement in actions that strengthen law enforcement.